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Młody konik, który niedawno zaczął swoja przygodę z rajdami. Dorastał u nas. Czasem ma jeszcze dziecko w głowie, lubi podskoczyć, wszystkiego jest ciekawy, czasem się jeszcze czegoś przestraszy. Jednak z rajdu na rajd jest coraz bardziej doświadczony i coraz lepiej sobie daje radę. 

Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku
Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku
konie w Maroku, konie berberyjskie, konie arabskie
konie w Maroku, beararby,araby, konie berberyjskie
Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku
Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku
konie w Maroku, berbery, araby, beraraby
konno przez Maroko, konie w Maroku, beraraby
Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku







Horse with great ambition and a lover of racing. He would definitely work on the race track. Very polite, listening and sensitive. With a huge heart to run and work. Sahara has a great need to be first, which is why he can't wait to start at gallops. Light build, so only for very good and not heavy riders.

We had to sell Cactus during the pandemic, but we managed to buy it back. That says how much we value this horse. Cactus will satisfy everyone - a good and a weaker rider. Children successfully get on him, and Cactus just does his thing. It does not require special work in any gait, Cactus simply follows the herd.

One of the bigger horses and absolute ZEN. Polite, but can be energetic. If you let him, he will walk in the back, but as soon as he knows it's time to work, he can muster a lot of energy. In addition, he is very friendly, likes caresses, scratching behind the ears, etc.

A well-built and beautiful horse. Comfortable, polite, easy to drive. Hidalgo can gallop quickly, but must start equally with other horses. Otherwise it lets go. In a gallop in a line, he calmly keeps up with the fastest pace. It walks nicely. Just like Salam, he learns to accept brushes and stand still while cleaning.

We didn't expect much when he came to us, because, despite his young age, he was very withdrawn and sad. We suspected he was depressed, he used to kick other horses, run away from human hands, or try to bite.

But Rimal has found his place with us, he can be stroked freely, he is happy and turned out to be a very good  horse. Less experienced riders or children can safely ride him.

Black horse - energetic, fast, but also polite. He doesn't really like petting and cleaning, so we're working to make him like it. However, under the saddle he is a fantastic horse. Plus, she's a really black beauty.

One of our smaller horses, but with great enthusiasm for work. Hardly anyone can keep up with Sampa in the walk. A very smart, polite, well-mannered little horse with a big heart. He is not the most handsome steed, he looks a bit like he was sewn together from various pieces, but with his character and gaits he absolutely makes up for the lack of beauty.

He came to us from the horse riding school and immediately acclimated to the herd. He works with a huge heart, loves to be in front, walks briskly, gives his best at gallops. He found himself perfectly in his new job. Plus, it's so comfortable that you feel like you're flying, not riding a horse.

Our stable painted beauty. Extremely photogenic and with great potential. Ajdig is one of the fastest horses, but requires work in the walk. Rather for more advanced riders, because it will happen to jump back or buck.

One of the biggest horse in the herd. But demanding - under weaker riders, it simply lingers in the walk, waking up to trot and gallop. Under those who require it, it walks great in every gait.

He used to be a guide horse. Now we successfully give him to good riders. He responds well to gentle aids, is fast, smart and probably without flaws .... he only does not tolerate an unstable and strong hand - in which we agree with him 100% ;)

 A professor horse, a follower of ZEN, who loves to eat well, relax and gallop a bit. Self-service. Perfect for beginners. Nothing can throw him off balance, although during the trip he does not like being overtaken. It is hardly surprising, since he is tasked with taking care of the weakest and usually goes very far behind, and his position in the herd is high... Mabrouk has completed almost all trips with us.

Our first horse. Graying, with a beautiful build and great gaits. If he wasn't working on trails, he would have made a career in dressage. A great guide on the trip, composed but with a strong character. Prince may seem like an extremely calm horse, but he just needs the right stimulus to show how beautiful and energetic he is.

takes care of horses, routes, put into the life ideas of a marketing girl, all organisation is on his head. A good cook, great companion and the best rider. From a family of desert Nomads.  Originator of the project.

marokańskie konie rajdowwe; beraraby, araboberbery
Maroc a cheval - rajdy konne w Maroku


takes care of marketing, booking and all paper work, but also best in inventing new problems and
bothering Brahim about new routes, about costs, and why this and why that. Caretaker of all stable cats and dogs. And your personal carer during the trip.

Founder of the project.



the best horse trails in Morocco

A herd horse means he loves to go out with his herd and then he does everything. He does not like lonely walks. On trip the walks forward, gallops well, with a lively walk. Easy to control, which makes him dream horse.









Energiczny i młody konik. Przyszedł do nas z niedziałającą funkcja kłusa. Właściwie umiał tylko iść stępem i galopować. Powoli funkcja kłusa się odblokowała :) Kenz jest bardzo wygodny, ale młody, więc czasami ma jeszcze chłopięce zachowania. W galopie w linii nadąża za najszybszymi, chociaż przy wyścigach zostaje jeszcze z tyłu. Stępuje bardzo żwawo i jest wyjątkowo towarzyski. Ze względu na swój wiek próbuje wywalczyć sobie wysokie miejsce w stadzie.