country of wide beaches of the Atlantic, high peaks of the Atlas Mountains and dunes in the largest desert - the Sahara.

The land of the setting sun, spices and dates.

A country of Berbers and Arabs, many languages, many cultures and the call of muezzins.

Colorful carpets, oranges and olives. Peanut and mint tea flavor.

Full of jumping goats, grazing sheep, curious donkeys and dignified dromedaries.

And above all, the country of Berarabian horses.




Morocco is the country of Berber horses and Berarabs. Horses that contributed to the creation of the English Thoroughbred, American Quarter Horse or Andalusian breed.

Calm, composed, durable, fast and undemanding.

Horses that are very easy to fall in love with.

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We ride on wide Atlantic beaches, we climb the Anti-Atlas mountains, along rather narrow paths, where you can meet goats rather than people. We take our horses to the desert, walk the dunes and gallop across the lunar landscape of the Sahara. It is wild, exotic, oriental, cheerful and comfortable. Sometimes hard, sometimes long, sometimes fast, always unforgettable. Description of our routes day by day you will find



In addition to horses, Morocco is an ideal country for holiday relaxation, learning to surf, off-road quad riding, mountain climbing. Immersing yourself in the slow life of the Moroccan countryside, wandering around crowded souks where you can find everything and nothing.

It is a country of sweet fruit, a cuisine full of vegetables and goat, seasoned with coriander and cumin.

It is a country of diversity - adventure and peace.

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najlepsze rajdy konne w Maroku

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