Our trips are comfortable - everything will be waiting for you in the camp. Set up tents, mattresses, a table full of appetizers, Moroccan tea and wine.

We set up a tent for a shower and heat the water, so you can wash yourself every day.

The camp is done in Moroccan style, we spread carpets and sit on the ground on pillows, the tables are low.

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passport - valid for at least 3 months

sleeping bag - light enough, with a comfort temperature of up to 10 degrees

flip flops + bathing suit

sun cream (with SPF not lower than 50)

sunglasses (necessary!)


hand disinfectant wipes

water bottle (optional)

headgear (hat, cap, scarf)

cash: euros or dollars

clothes for horses: loose shirts, protecting against wind and sun, riding socks, sneakers or jodhpur boots



We are heading along the beaches towards Essaouira. The last gallops on empty beaches, the last climbs on the cliffs. We ride today for about 3 hours. We go to the stable for lunch.

We say goodbye to the horses and go to Essaouira. 

A local hammam is available for volunteers.

We come back home in Sidi Kaouki for a dinner. 

Today, some ravines, dry riverbeds, to see the Atlantic waves crashing against the rocks at the end of the day. We set up the camp on a small escarpment, from where it is easy to get to the wide beach. On the slope you can also admire the sun hiding in the water.

Beach day - we go down to gallop on the beach. We drive up the cliffs, from where we can see Ocean crashing against the rocks. For lunch we arrive at a small oasis hidden behind a large dune. On one side there is a beach - on the other there are small cascades that provide a green landscape.

The second half of the day is still about beaches, sometimes with black sand, and galloping.

Camp right on the beach.

We go around the lake from the other side, sometimes quite stony, narrow and steep paths. Sometimes you'll have to get off your horse. We are heading towards the Ocean, but today we are still in the interior. At the end of the day we will visit the Argan Cooperative, where you will be able to see how argan oil, called the gold of Morocco, is made. And also do some shopping.

Today we arrive at the lake - a huge lagoon that supplies the entire region with water. From a distance, the surface of the water gleams turquoise, from close up you can see submerged palm trees. The route will lead through paths, mountains, glades, and with the appearance of water, the landscape will turn green.

After coffee and breakfast we go to the stable - we choose horses and set We will pass Berber villages, herds of camels and goats grazing, and argans growing everywhere. This trail we only do in spring, so Morocco should be green after winter rains.  Argans will bloom in a violet and a flower meadows will appear. 

We camp near the ruins of the largest sugar factory in Morocco from the 16th century.

We pick you up from Agadir or Marrakech airport. But our trails are off the beaten track, so we avoid the resort and go on our way to a small village on the Atlantic coast - Sidi Kaouki. The journey will take about 3.5 hours. Overnight stay with dinner in a villa with swimming pool.  

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To the LAKE


the best horse trails in Morocco

We dropp you off to the airport in Marrakech or Agadir

GROUP: 12 riders


LEVEL: advance in three gaits


PRICE: 850 euro

included: accomodation, meals, horses transfers to and from airport



flight, insurance


DATES: 09/04 - 16/04/2024