It's time to bid farewell to a memorable vacation. It's time to have a hearty breakfast, and take one last leisurely walk before heading to the airport. Back home, memories will linger, and the anticipation of future adventures will begin. Cherish the moments and treasure the experiences.

We bid farewell to our trusty horses as they await transportation, and embark on our journey out of the Sahara by bus. Our final destination is Aint Ben Haddou, a film settlement known for its well-preserved architecture and streets set against the backdrop of majestic mountains. You may recognize some familiar scenes from popular film productions, such as Game of Thrones.

Our overnight stay will be in a khasba nestled amongst the mountains.

We venture into the vast Sahara Desert, its barren landscape adorned with resilient vegetation that thrives in its harsh conditions. Amongst the arid sands, we encounter yellow plants, their toxic nature enabling them to survive. Their beauty is accentuated by delicate purple flowers adorning their stems.


With a burst of energy, we embark on a final exhilarating gallop along a ridge, leading us to the next set of dunes. Here, we discover our campsite for the night, adorned with grand tents and vibrant carpets. Inside, wooden tables adorned with intricate decorations await us, offering a touch of elegance amidst the rugged terrain.


As we settle in, a pleasant surprise awaits us – a hot shower, a luxury in this unforgiving environment. It rejuvenates our tired bodies and prepares us for the adventures that lie ahead.


Tonight, this campsite serves as our base, providing comfort and respite amidst the vast expanse of the Sahara.

Another day under the Saharan sun, we continue our journey through the vast desert. Surrounded by tamarisk trees and desert flowers, we marvel at the beauty of this remote landscape. The towering mountains, acting as a natural barrier between us and Algeria, add to the sense of adventure. As we trek further, we anticipate encountering more mesmerizing dunes. This is tje last night we are spending in small tents.

We find ourselves back on our trusty stallions, ready to continue our adventure. Ahead of us lie small dunes, sandy paths, and the possibility of encountering herds of galloping camels. As we ride, we notice the vast plains slowly giving way to narrower trails surrounded by tamarisk trees and gentle dunes.


Our camp is set up in a place where a river forms during rainy days. The ground beneath us resembles cracked ceramics, while the air is filled with the delightful scent of arugula growing nearby. We take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the unique experiences this journey offers.


As we continue our journey south, we anticipate a six-hour ride with a lunch break. The majestic lunar landscape of the mountains will gradually transform into a vast savannah adorned with low grasses and acacia trees. Suddenly, an expanse of open space will unveil before us, offering thrilling opportunities for galloping on the firm ground that stretches to the horizon. Our campsite near the Nomad camp, nestled among the acacia trees, provides a peaceful oasis in the midst of the desert. If we're lucky, we may witness the rare occurrence of rain in the Sahara, accompanied by herds of nomadic sheep and goats.

After a breakfast, we embarked on our journey for the day. It promised to be an adventurous one, with majestic mountains as our backdrop and intriguing fossils scattered along the path. The remnants of an ancient ocean were evident in the imprinted organisms found in the rocks. Throughout our expedition, we were accompanied by the presence of fascinating fossils and meteorites.


As evening approached, we reach to our camp at the foot of the mountain. Surrounded by small dunes and graceful acacias, it is a picturesque spot to rest and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. Tomorrow, we will continue our exploration, eager to uncover more secrets hidden within this enchanting landscape.

We embark on an exciting journey southwards, venturing towards the enchanting Atlas Mountains, away from bustling cities and into the mystical heart of Morocco. As we approach Tischka, a snow-white pass standing tall at over 2,000 meters, we are greeted by a labyrinth of winding roads, breathtaking changes in elevation, and captivating 180-degree turns. Suddenly, a mesmerizing panorama unfolds before our eyes - a fairy-tale landscape adorned with towering limestone mountains, adorned with intricate corridors carved into their majestic peaks. Below, vibrant valleys come to life, with almond trees in full bloom, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, and charming clay houses dotting the horizon. Our ultimate destination lies in the western part of the Sahara - a remote camp where our trusty steeds eagerly await our arrival. As the sun sets, we find solace in cozy tents, surrounded by the serenity and raw beauty of the desert.

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Today is a day of relaxation for our horses as we take the time to appreciate the beauty of the dunes. Start your morning by exploring the dunes on a camel's back and witness the breathtaking sunrise that brings the desert to life. Later in the day, we will enjoy a horseback riding session during the sunset and indulge in sandboarding. As night falls, retreat to our spacious tents equipped with comfortable beds and hot showers. Enjoy the tranquility of the desert as we prepare for another unforgettable day.

passport - valid for at least 3 months

sleeping bag - warm, with a comfort temperature of up to 0 degrees

sunscreen (with a filter of at least 50)

sunglasses (a must!)


hand disinfectant wipes

water bottle (optional)

headgear (hat, cap, scarf)

cash: euros or dollars

horse clothing: sweatshirts/shirts that are easy to take off/put on on the horse, sneakers or boots, gloves

must have:


We embark on our journey through open space, eager to regain the freedom of galloping. As we traverse our galloping area, a beautiful lake emerges after rainfall, attracting a multitude of diverse wildlife. Most of the time, however, it is dry, making it the best place for galloping.

If fortune favors us, we may witness graceful antelopes leaping in the distance. Our path leads us through vast expanses, eventually leading us to the vibrant Sahara meadows adorned with colorful flowers and alluring scents. Our ultimate goal is to conquer the grandest dunes, a sight that will leave us in awe. After an eventful day, we rest in a permanent camp, complete with cozy beds and refreshing showers.

Welcome to Marrakech, the vibrant city in Morocco! This is time to immerse yourself in the bustling Jmaa El Fnaa square, filled with colorful carpets, aromatic spices, and the sound of snake charmers. Indulge in the flavors of the oriental cuisine and savor the sweetness of nougat. Wander through narrow streets, surrounded by spilling fruit and millions of olives. End your day in a traditional Moroccan riad, enjoying a delicious dinner.  

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IRIKI NATIONAL PARK - home of Nomads, place of dunes and vast spaces for galloping


the best horse trails in Morocco

GROUP: 12 people


LEVEL: advanced 


PRICE: 1050 €


includes: accommodation, meals, horses, transfers, camels



flight, meals on the way, entrances to monuments in Marrakech, insurance




15/11/2024 - 25/11/2024

29/11/2024 - 9/12/2024


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