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passport - valid for at least 3 months

sleeping bag - light enough, with a comfort temperature of up to 15 degrees

flip flops + bathing suit

sun cream (with SPF not lower than 50)

sunglasses (necessary!)

hand disinfectant wipes

water bottle (optional)

headgear (hat, cap, scarf)

cash: euros or dollars

clothes for horses: loose shirts, protecting against wind and sun, riding socks, sneakers or jodhpur boots



Essaouira - a port city where, among others, Game of Thrones and Othello were filmed. With beautiful fortress walls against which the waves of the ocean crash. In Essaouira there is also a port where you can buy what has been just caught in the morning, a fish market with seafood that you can taste on the spot, lots of stalls and shops with ceramics, carpets, oils, spices, etc.

You can also  go to the local hammam (bathhouse) to wash and massage after the trip.

Today is a holiday for horses. After breakfast we are going to try our hand at the board. You will get all the equipment and, under the supervision of an instructor, you will try to catch waves.

An hour of surfing in the Atlantic with an instructor. Those who like it will be able to stay longer to practice their newly acquired skills.

In the evening, a trip on camels or quads - depending on your preferences, for another sunset over the Ocean.


Today a little rest - we're going bareback to the beach. We bathe in the Ocean, we take beautiful photos (so you can also take outfits for photo sessions).

Bareback gallop on the beach for those who wants.

We head home for lunch.

And in the evening we go to the 2-hour sunset horse riding.

We are going to the beach again, this time towards Essaouira. We climb high cliffs and slide down the great dunes formed on the beach. A lot of gallops await us, lunch under eucalyptus trees or on the beach and return home along steep slopes.

The views today are exceptional, but also the level of difficulty of the descents will be a bit more difficult.

We are back - but we will change the route a bit. Still with gallops and beaches. Lunch in the shade of the argan trees, but by the beach so you can take a bath. We return home at afternoon.

In the morning breakfast with freshly squeezed juice and we go to the stable. We take horses and set off on our way.

Ahead of us are some western landscapes with low vegetation, argan trees and the Atlantic in the background. After a while we descend on wide, empty beaches. Lots of gallops by the ocean waves. We reach small cascades, which in the summer may not be abundant in water. We have lunch on the beach and bathe with the horses. For the second half of the day, let's move on to the next beaches, to finally enter the narrow paths of the mountains and reach the camp.

We camp at the locals, overlooking the Ocean and near the beach.

Again in the evening you will be able to immerse yourself in the waves.

We pick you up from Agadir or Marrakech airport. But our trails are off the beaten track, so we avoid the resort and go on our way to a small village on the Atlantic coast- Sidi Kaouki. The journey will take about 3.5 hours. Overnight stay with dinner in a villa with swimming pool.  

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 a lot of beaches, water and fun


the best horse trails in Morocco

We dropp you off to the Agadir or Marrakech airport 

GROUP: 10-12 persons

LEVEL: riding in 3 gaits

PRICE: 740 euro

zawiera: noclegi, wyżywienie, konie, transfery


flight, lunch on the way back to the airport, insurance


           02/07 - 09/07/2023

           09/07 - 16/07/2023