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After a long journey, it's finally time to rest. A good night's sleep is essential to recharge for the day ahead. In the morning, a nutritious breakfast is a must to fuel the body. Then, it's time to head to the airport and embark on new adventures.

The last stop on your Moroccan adventure is the Aint Ben Haddou movie settlement, a place frequently visited by film crews. This unique settlement has managed to preserve its charm throughout the years, allowing visitors to recognize scenes from famous movies as they walk through its narrow streets. The exceptionally picturesque landscape surrounding the settlement adds to its allure.

We spend the night in a traditional kashba and enjoy a delicious dinner to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

The last section to Zagora is just ahead of us, promising an exhilarating half-day ride filled with galloping and trotting through narrow village streets. We even get to cross the river before returning to the stable. In the afternoon, we explore Zagora's shops, and unwind with a refreshing beer by the hotel's swimming pool. The day concludes with a delightful dinner shared together at our overnight accommodation.

As we make our way back from the sandy Sahara towards the mountains, we witness a stunning transformation if we're fortunate enough to encounter recent rainfall. The once barren desert turns vibrant green, captivating our senses. While we still enjoy lunch amidst the dunes, the landscape gradually transitions into a steppe-like terrain. Small dunes continue to accompany us at the campsite, but they are now accompanied by acacias and vast open spaces. Our campsite nestled at the foot of the mountains provides a serene setting for rest and reflection.

It's a day of adventure and exploration amidst vast sandy landscapes and towering dunes. We embark on a thrilling journey, traversing the desert on horseback, feeling the exhilarating rush as we gallop across firmer terrain. As night falls, we find solace in our standard tents, nestled amidst the dunes, creating unforgettable memories in this captivating desert oasis.

passport - valid for at least 3 months

sleeping bag - warm, with a comfort temperature for 5 degrees

sun cream (with SPF not lower than 50)

sunglasses (necessary!)


hand disinfectant wipes

water bottle (optional)

headgear (hat, cap, scarf)

cash: euros or dollars

clothes for horses: loose shirts, protecting against wind and sun, riding socks, sneakers or jodhpur boots

must have:


We are embarking on a challenging journey through the arid hamada, but soon we will transition from the stony desert to the sandy dunes. As we continue our expedition after a lunch, the rugged terrain gradually transforms into a well-traveled path. Along the way, we pass by Nomad settlements and refreshing oases, leading us to a lake - a temporary reservoir that often dries up. Despite the possibility of finding only faint traces of water and the footprints of diverse animals like birds and gazelles, this location is frequently visited by a variety of wildlife. We sleep in a camp under the shelter of a grand dune, taking refuge in spacious Berber tents. Restful beds and the luxury of a hot water shower eagerly await our tired bodies. 

Crossing the dunes, we begin our journey with a gallop to warm up. As we approach the majestic mountains, we lead our horses along a narrow path. Climbing to the top, we are greeted by the vast hamada, offering breathtaking views of another mountain range.

We continue our march through the mountains until we reach our camp in an oasis, where a winding river flows among palm trees and a flat stone river bed. The approximate time in the saddle is 4.5 hours, covering a distance of approximately 22 km.

After a breakfast, we eagerly mount our horses to begin our adventure. The Bani mountain range, the longest in Morocco, awaits us with its breathtaking landscapes. As we traverse the region, we encounter farms cultivating watermelons, almonds, and lucerne, surrounded by the beauty of the steppe grasses and small dunes.

Today is not only about exploring nature but also about bonding with our horses. We embark on a journey of walking, a bit of trotting, and our first gallops. The camp, nestled among charming dunes, provides a serene retreat. With approximately six hours in the saddle, split into two three-hour sessions, covering a distance of around 36 kilometers.

We embark on our journey by heading south towards the majestic Atlas Mountains, away from the bustling cities and into the enchanting heart of Morocco. Tischka, a white pass standing tall at over 2000 meters, greets us with its winding roads, steep inclines, and breathtaking 180-degree turns. As we ascend, a captivating landscape unfolds before us, with limestone mountains adorned with carved-out corridors, valleys teeming with blooming almond trees, palm groves, and charming clay houses.

Our destination is Zagora, where we run our stable during the winter season. Enjoy a comfortable hotel accommodation with a delightful dinner to complete your unforgettable adventure.

We welcome yiu in Marrakech, one of the most vibrant cities in Morocco. Immerse yourself in the colorful carpets, spices, and the scent of leather at the bustling Jmaa El Fnaa square. Explore the narrow streets, indulge in exotic oriental food, and savor the abundance of fruits and olives. 

This is where you will start your adventure with Morocco today. At the end, rest in the riad, with a Moroccan dinner - all in a traditional, local style.

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Erg Chigaga, Sahara mountains and huge dunes


the best horse trails in Morocco

GROUP: 12 persons


LEVEL: for experienced riders


PRICE: 950 euro

included: accommodation, meals, horses, transfers


flight, lunches on the way to Zagora and way back, insurance,  tickest for sightseeing in Marrakech


DATES:      27/12/2024 - 06/01/2025

                 10/01/2025 - 20/01/2025

                 17/02/205 - 28/02/2025


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day 9

We are in search of a pass to cross over the majestic mountains. Amidst the captivating scenery, we plan to have a delightful lunch under the tamarisks, near the Nomad settlements. The locals often sell their homemade goods to tourists, providing an opportunity to support their community by purchasing scarves or symbolic toys made by children.

After our meal, we will embark on a rewarding journey, crossing the mountains on foot. The breathtaking view from the top will be complemented by a thrilling gallop back to the camp as the sun sets in the background.

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